Auto-posting to social network in Laravel

Manually post to social networks is probably better than to use an automated method. But, if you post many new topics every day, the automated post is practically inevitable. In Laravel, You need a package for your web application to auto-posting website content to the social network. Larasap is a Laravel package and the easy way to post to the social network. This package makes it easy to post on Twitter, Facebook page, and Telegram channel.

Automate concrete5 site performance testing with blackfire

Automation is key to continuously manage application performance. Blackfire provides a feature that helps developers trigger performance tests on an application and be alerted whenever a problem occurs. We can set it up only in five minutes.

Monitor various AWS services on Mackerel using CloudWatch API

Mackerel is a server monitoring service that also supports AWS cloud products. Using the CloudWatch (an AWS monitoring service) API, various AWS cloud products (such as ELB, RDS, and ElastiCache) can be monitored with Mackerel. The only required configurations for Mackerel are registering the read-only access key and making a simple selection. In this post I'll show how to configure mackerel to monitor ELB and RDS.