Send Email Using Amazon SES on concrete5

In this post, I'll show how to send email using Amazon SES with concrete5. We will walk through how to verify that you own the domain or email address, and then send an email using the Amazon SES console. Finally, we'll setup the SMTP credentials on concrete5.

How to setup ExchangeCore LDAP Authentication with concrete5?

Having a single way to authenticate can help save your business time and money as well as eliminate the annoyance of having to maintain numerous accounts for any given individual in a company. Concrete5 has the ExchangeCore LDAP package to meet that need in environments that have an LDAP server available. And we've shown here, how to set up it in step by step.

Configure Symfony or Mautic to Work Behind a AWS Elastic Load Balancer or a Reverse Proxy with HTTPS

AWS's Elastic Load Balancing distributes incoming application traffic across multiple EC2 instances, in multiple Availability Zones. This increases the fault tolerance and performance of your applications. It works fine with Symfony (popular php framework). But you may get error when you run your Symfony application behind AWS Elastic Load Balancer System with HTTPS connection. If so, this may save your time.

concrete5 Logging

When building in concrete5, sometimes it's hard to understand what is happening at particular points in your code's execution. This is especially true when working with Ajax since the executed code isn't even running in your browser. For these reasons and others, logging variables or entire sections of output so you can inspect them once execution has completed is a sensible thing to do during development.