Install concrete5 with composer

Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you. Now you can install your favorite CMS concrete5 so easily with composer. Please, follow the following steps to install it via composer.

Laravel Tutorial – CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) Operations in Laravel

If you haven’t installed the Laravel application on your server, go through the Laravel installation and configuration tutorial first. Here we’ll provide the advanced functionality (fetch, add, edit, and delete) implementation guide in Laravel. For your better understanding, we’ll create an example blog post management application with Laravel 5.

Laravel 5 - generate PDF from html view file and download using dompdf

Normally, if we work on big ERP level project on laravel, we require to generate PDF file for data from database table. In this tutorial i give you very simple way to create pdf file and give to download that pdf step by step for beginners. In this post i use laravel-dompdf package for create pdf file and this package also provide to download function. In this example i have a one table "items" and i will download pdf file of items table data with tabular format, You can also write your own css on view file for pdf, so you can make batter pdf file.

25 Useful Apache ‘.htaccess’ Tricks to Secure and Customize Websites

Websites are important parts of our lives. They serve the means to expand businesses, share knowledge and lots more. Earlier restricted to providing only static contents, with introduction of dynamic client and server side scripting languages and continued advancement of existing static language like html to html5, adding every bit of dynamicity is possible to the websites and what left is expected to follow soon in near future.