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How can I add a Confirmation Page to my form?

Sometimes it is useful to be able to ask the user to review and confirm the form data they have input before it is finally submitted. ChronoForms v4 has a Confirmation Page action that can help you do this

Top 25 Free Mobile Friendly & Responsive HTML Email Templates 2016

The business aspects of the web are closely tied together with marketing, as they are in the physical world. Marketing is the art of making sales based on the promotional skills and values, but also the quality and usability of the product that you are marketing. Online business owners can choose between a variety of marketing techniques — search marketing, blog marketing, paid advertising, word of mouth, but one of the most popular online marketing techniques today are known as email marketing — the art of selling and promotion using email. Some say it’s as simple as creating an email list, getting people to sign-up to the list, and just sending them offers all day long.

10 Essential Sublime Text Plugins for Full-Stack Developers

When I started with web development a few years ago, Vim was my first choice of text editor. It was easy to work with and I could get the basics done without much hassle. Also, many developers like terminal based text editors because they get the same environment in both their local development machines and remote servers.